Hampshire Cannabis Community Beach BBQ 2019

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On Sunday 4th August Hampshire Cannabis Community threw their annual beach BBQ and Picnic on Eastney Beach near Portsmouth.

This year’s event was the biggest to date, attracting a couple of hundred people from around the UK – guests were in attendance alongside stalls, vendors and clubs showing support for the UK cannabis community.

Located on the beach, the open air setting made this animal friendly, and I spotted numerous dogs enjoying the beach and the moderately warm weather.

I remember attending a spot just down the beach BBQ in 2016 where there were 50 people there max.

I also attended their Cannabis Awareness Picnic back in 2017 and another event which took place in a nearby field – this year’s BBQ dwarfed previous events – at least 10 stalls were set up despite the high winds, with some excellent wares on offer.

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I saw stalls from vendors new and old, with hemp-based products, edibles and other merchandise on display for people to see.

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Gregg from UKCSC attended the event and we discussed the way things are going with legalisation in the UK, as well as their own new publication The Quarter Leaf which has its second issue due out soon.

Sy from Hampshire Cannabis Community raised £700 for the UKCSC Right To Grow campaign on the day, with the help of TTCC collecting money for the raffle.

There were peoeple from the UK cannabis community around the country at the event:

And Simpa Carter spoke about our need to continue the fight for cannabis legalisation – hemp can help save the planet and utilizing cannabis is our right.

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Once again there were too many names to mention in attendance, but I caught up with friends and made some new ones throughout the day.

There was zero police presence, making the vibe of the event pleasant for everyone there – there was, of course no trouble all day.

Now in its 7th year this event must be a regular annual fixture for Portsmouth Council by now.

See you next year for Hampshire Beach BBQ 2020!

, Hampshire Cannabis Community Beach BBQ 2019, ISMOKE


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