Hampshire Cannabis Community Cannabis Awareness Picnic 2016

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On Saturday Hampshire Cannabis Community held their 4th annual cannabis awareness picnic in Castle Field, Portsmouth.

Apart from some initial interference by police who cautioned one of the event attendees after seeing them holding a bag of cannabis, the rest of the day went smoothly, with people coming together from several parts of the country to celebrate cannabis.

There were certainly some “high winds”, but we were higher, and the weather didn’t stop anybody from having a good time (although it was quite hard to roll joints outside).

We also spoke with the police on the day (cover photo) when they turned up to let the organisers know the details of the caution they had given. We gave them some education on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and informed them that they were wasting their time policing a peaceful cannabis awareness event.

Thanks Sy Dignam and the Hampshire Cannabis Community. View the full album of photos from the event here on Facebook

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