GW Pharmaceuticals is Hoping to Develop a Treatment for Cancer

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The Telegraph is reporting that GW Pharmaceuticals is hoping to develop a treatment for cancer:

“The trial tested how safe and effective two of GW’s cannabis-derived molecules were in 21 patients suffering from glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), an aggressive type of brain tumour.

The results showed that patients treated with GW’s drug, in combination with temozolomide, which is the current medication used to treat GBM, had an 83pc one-year survival rate, compared with 53pc for patients in the placebo cohort.

The combination therapy increased median survival to more than 550 days, compared with 369 days for those on the placebo.”

This is great news for the medical cannabis campaign, which has been advocating cannabis as a potential cancer treatment for many years.

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From the editor:

For too long, traditional medicine has stated that “more research is needed” without an actual cannabis-based cancer treatment being officially developed, researched or tested by Governments.

Now with GW Pharmaceuticals hoping to develop a cancer treatment it could help legitimise this area of study further. Let’s be clear, more and more people are already using cannabis oil to treat themselves with varying results and currently out of their own pockets. What this could do is provide valuable research and a funded treatment that could potentially be adopted by the NHS.

Since Curing His Cancer with Cannabis Rick Simpson Has Helped over 5000 others do the same.

It would be great in the future to be given a range of options for cancer treatments on the NHS.

We will keep you updated on any developments in this story.

For too long, cancer sufferers have been told “more research is needed”

More to follow…

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