Green Crack

“Green Crack” and Cannabis Strain Names

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Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Yet what a rotten name.

I think I get the idea of this imagery, but it isn’t the one I like to hear for a healing plant. “This herb is like crack” is that the right image we need? Why would you want to liken cannabis to crack anyway?

Green Crack, “Green Crack” and Cannabis Strain Names, ISMOKECannabis was once considered (via the propagandist media movement) as the gateway to other drugs. Yet now, caffeine has got that supposed link.

Another big turn around as Cannabis is now considered as the gateway out of hard drugs, and if this strain was so named to be a way out of taking crack, it would be a nice thought.

Or was Green Crack named for the controversy?

I’m not usually one to go for cannabis strains that are negatively named, yet this has got my attention, so in essence the marketing for Green Crack has worked.

The naming of cannabis plants

I’ve seen some good names: Jack Herer for example, a great accolade to thank a cannabis hero for his contribution to the cause.

Quite rightly, I have a few herb heroes, and Jack is maybe the top one for me – his book ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes ‘ has been read by all the educated users in the campaign, and is worth a read online. Also, the book is made from hemp!

There are also other cannabis strains that are named after the smells and the tastes make sense to me, for example:

  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Bubblegum

Northern Lights

What pictures of the night sky to you get? When I am floating on my full cannabinoid range I like that opening , then my mind drifts on from the colourful night sky to the universe.

Green Crack, “Green Crack” and Cannabis Strain Names, ISMOKE

Super Silver Haze

This one gives me good vibes, hazy being on the border of the dream like state.

Remember Jimi Hendrix “purple haze is on my brain” that’s where the Haze name comes from, but the haze was LSD, so here we stray into other areas.

In my years of consuming cannabis I’ve found a strain called Kind Love – that was nice,
and many “not so good names” AK 47 is a great strain, but also a great example of bad naming.

All I ask, is that growers of these hybrids, which in essence I enjoy so much, go to the trouble of sensible nice marketing during the naming process.

Education , is a great tool, and we should start right from the naming stage! Propaganda is all about wording, and it was propaganda that outlawed cannabis in the first place so I think that words are important.

Green Crack, “Green Crack” and Cannabis Strain Names, ISMOKE
Naming aside, we recently sampled this phenotype of Green Crack by B28 Genetics and it was delicious!

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