Grapefruit Diesel

Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information

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The week we are talking about Grapefruit Diesel, an indica-dominant hybrid strain which combines Grapefruit and NYC Diesel in its genetics.

Grapefruit Diesel delivers around 15-20% THC on average and has a notably different high to what is expected from the indica-led genetics.

In fact, consumers often report a creative buzz/ uplift that’s more akin to the high experienced from a good, clear-headed sativa strain, as opposed to one which is 85% indica. Have no fear though, the indica properties in this one mean it can still be enjoyed by those who wish to experience the medicinal benefits of an indica strain.


This sample has been grown really well by the guys over at Kush Family Collective. Until I picked up this batch I wasn’t a fan of grapefruit strains, but this one really changed my mind.

The buds are tight and reasonably dense, although they have a little give – it’s perfectly dried and the trichome coverage is heavy.

The colouration is a light-green, with lighter pistils and the quality of this sample is top-notch.

Grapefruit Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information, ISMOKE


The scent of Grapefruit Diesel fills a room in seconds. Opening the pop jar I immediately get that stinking grapefruity, diesely scent that tells me this has been grown well and cured well.

Breaking the bud open releases even more of the wonderful smell which is very distinct and smells strongly of grapefruit.

Grapefruit Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information, ISMOKE


During my time with the Grapefruit Diesel, I have consumed it via pipe, bong, joint and even vaporiser.

My favourite consumption method with this strain is probably a joint, as the taste and cleanness of this sample make it an excellent choice for rolling pure.

Grapefruit Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information, ISMOKE

I also loved this through my pipe – the grapefruit notes come out in full force and make this a good flavoursome smoke.

And the taste of the Grapefruit Diesel cannabis strain also come through the bong, delivering a notable grapefruit flavour with a smooth and enjoyable hit.

Overall, top marks on taste from me.

Grapefruit Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information, ISMOKE


As expected, when the effects of the Grapefruit Diesel hit, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve smoked a nice sativa – the first thing to hit me is a creative buzz and almost cannabis-induced energy burst that I generally don’t associate with indica-doms!

I feel chatty, uplifted and cerebrally enhanced, but it is not so overpowering that I feel unable to continue with the tasks I’m undertaking.

For that reason, Grapefruit Diesel is a wonderful daytime smoke, and I found myself regularly picking this amongst my other flavours for my first smoke of the day!

Grapefruit Diesel, Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information, ISMOKE


These are some great genetics, and this is also a really good example of well-grown cannabis. This batch, in particular, is some of the best grapefruit diesel I’ve ever enjoyed; so much so that it’s allowed me to shake off my dislike for a strain which I had previously opted out of smoking due to a dislike of the flavour.

What I found consuming this, however, is that I love cannabis a lot more than I hate grapefruit.

It’s a lovely smoke!

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