Granola Funk

Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Granola Funk is a strain by Bodhi Seeds, and it combines Girl Scout Cookes (Forum Cut) with Wookie #15.

This hybrid strain was developed in the US, but has been grown and extracted in the UK by Nugbusters. I took a look at it as part of our 2021 strain review series.


, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Granola Funk sample has a striking appearance, with well-developed buds capturing some of the complexity of Girl Scout Cookies, plenty of trichome coverage and a good density to the buds themselves.

Girl Scout Cookies is a breathtakingly beautiful cannabis strain, with rich shades and complex arrangements of the bracts giving it a standout appearance. Granola Funk has the same gusto about it, but the shades are slightly lighter than in GSC.

, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Like its name suggests, Granola Funk can give off nutty notes, but it also has a rich cookies aroma and even some gas when it’s broken up. It was given its name because of the granola taste, which although I am personally unfamiliar with, I can imagine based on the aroma of this.

It reminds me of breakfast bars/cereal bars and their hearty, grainy nutty taste. But Granola Funk also seems to exhibit a skunky, pungent aroma and even pine notes when it’s been ground up.

, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Taste and smoking experience

Granola Funk’s aroma carries through into its taste which is certainly distinguishable. Hints of gas are present amongst the earthy, nutty, buttery cookies taste of this strain.

, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

It smokes well, owing to the quality of the sample, and the extract run by Nugbusters hits wonderfully through my dab rig as well, with gas and pungency melding with creamy and nutty notes.

The terps are present and noticeable during smoking, with sinus-relaxing effects, and this strain seems to reduce migraine symptoms when I smoke it!

, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This strain is a 50/50 hybrid, so expect effects on both ends of the spectrum. Clocking in at 27% THC on average, Granola Funk is a strong strain- so you will feel some effects quickly after smoking this one!

I got a familiar uplift and relaxation kicking in after mere minutes, both around the same time. Interestingly Granola Funk also gave me an introspective high, rather than the mind-easing high I tend to get from a purely body-led or even another hybrid cultivar.

Overall I enjoyed smoking Granola Funk, and look forward to seeing where these genetics go in the future. Its potency and uniqueness both make this a strain to watch out for in 2021 and beyond.

You can watch my Granola Funk review below, or here on youtube.

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, Granola Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE