Recently I got my hands on a range of The Goods CBD extracts sold by Hempelf – these products are THC-free but contain CBD and terps and deliver an enjoyable dabbing experience.

In this episode filmed for our YouTube channel I tried out Granddaddy Purple in both CBD Shatter and CBD Wax form to see which I preferred (a hard choice!)

Granddaddy Purple CBD, Granddaddy Purple CBD Extract, ISMOKE

I also discussed the products in detail and how they are fitting in with my regular CBD consumption which has been daily since I started dabbing them.

There is a lot of space for good recreational-focused CBD products for dabbers like myself who are interested in both the benefits of cannabinoids and awesome terp profiles.

I enjoyed dabbing both the shatter and wax, preferring the wax for it’s broad spectrum, but the shatter on flavour alone.

As these products do not contain THC they are at time of publishing legal to buy, sell and consume in the UK.

You can find The Goods range on

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