Gone To Pot: Taking a look at a Greener future

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Last night ITV (That’s channel 3 in the UK) broadcast what can only be described as a positive programme about the benefits of cannabis.

In part 1 of Gone To Pot, we saw Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women panelist Linda Robson, ex-EastEnders actress Pam St Clement, actor Christopher Biggins, retired footballer and TV presenter John Fashanu and darts supremo Bobby George travelling to the state of California where cannabis access is now ubiquitous with general life, to see how cannabis can benefit them.

For the first ten minutes or so of the show, I was concerned with the apparent separation of “marijuana” when referring to the US and “cannabis” when referring to the UK – the makers of this show do know it’s the exact same plant right?

But this was soon cleared-up, as medical cannabis doctors referred to it as just that – while prescribing the celebrities their “medical marijuana cards” via skype. Language confusion aside, the programme as a whole was a fantastic look at the possibilities a legal cannabis system can offer the UK.

This came with the expected initial reservedness of some of the celebrities, namely Fash who seemed at the start to be just about as anti-cannabis as you can be. However, by the end of the first episode, even Fash was sampling some cannabis-infused icecream and wondering what all the fuss was about.


Gone To Pot, Gone To Pot: Taking a look at a Greener future, ISMOKE

For the most part, episode 1 of Gone To Pot took a very accurate look at the cannabis market in the US – the celebrities visited a dispensary (which made my mouth water!), before checking out a painting and cannabis class, some nuns who smoke weed and a cannabis-infused Italian meal, all while being driven around on a tour bus – sounds like an excellent holiday to me!

Even the various cannabis consumption methods were covered – from smoking pure joints, to edibles, topical application and even a glass bong which Pat and Bobby, in particular, seemed to enjoy!

Gone To Pot, Gone To Pot: Taking a look at a Greener future, ISMOKE

The “balance” in this show came in the form of Fash’s frequent anti-drugs rhetoric, but I think this actually reinforced the stupidity of that outlook – why be so against something and think you’re above those who indulge with no knowledge or experience of the thing you’re criticising? It just isn’t a smart way to look at things, and I’m hoping to see Fash indulge more in the next episodes and to see his outlook on cannabis (and maybe even drugs as a whole) change as a result.

Side note: There’s nothing more sickening than somebody using the corrupt and unjust legal system to justify their hatred of cannabis, because we all know the law is wrong in this respect. Cannabis isn’t illegal because it is dangerous, it’s illegal because the Government won’t admit that they’re wrong and change the law. So when somebody says “I’d never try cannabis, and dislike those who would because it is illegal” they do not come across as an intelligent or free-thinking person.

But back to the show..

After over-indulging on cannabis edibles towards the end of Gone to Pot Episode 1, Christopher Biggins and Bobby George both end up whiteying on the tour bus. Now, with cannabis edibles, you do need to be aware that it takes longer to kick in and that the effects may be more pronounced than smoking/vaping. So if you have four doses of cannabis-infused icecream, a cannabis-infused meal and drink wine along with it, don’t be surprised if it kicks in hard!

Despite describing it as “worse than 100 hangovers and 100 seasicknessees” Bobby George and Christopher Biggins were, of course, fine – let’s see how they get on in episode 2 (but I suspect they’ll be straight back on it, feeling back to normal the next day with no hangover).

Overall, I’m happy that such a positive cannabis outlook has finally been broadcast on primetime television in the UK. People admire celebrities, and a lot of people would have seen the benefits of cannabis for the first time last night.

People on twitter seem also seem very positive about the show:

I hope that episodes 2 and 3 are as accurate and representative of the legal US cannabis market, and look forward to seeing what is in store in episode 2 on Wednesday at 9pm.

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Gone To Pot, Gone To Pot: Taking a look at a Greener future, ISMOKE

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