Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week we tried out Glueberry OG, a strain which combines genetics from Gorilla Glue, OG Kush and Blueberry.

Glueberry OG is Bred by Dutch Passion as part of their US Specials line, the genetics of this strain make it popular with growers looking for an indica-dominant strain with a potent gassy blueberry flavour.

Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review by ISMOKE


The sample came in a plastic branded pop jar. The bud inside the jar looks great, with dense light green nugs and a good amount of trichomes.

The calyxes are stacked and it looks like a good shaped nug. It is also presented well, with a good trim job.

Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review by ISMOKESmell

This strain has a potent blueberry and skunky smell. Right from the pop jar you can smell the distinguishable sweet blueberry notes.

When it is broken and ground the bud exhibits more pungency than all stains we’ve sampled recently except skunk no.1.

This smells seriously delicious!

Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review by ISMOKE


Smoking the Glueberry OG I found it to be really nice, both in taste and smoking experience – not harsh or acrid, the glueberry OG smoke is smooth, sweet and potent.

The aroma is present in the flavour, and damn, it tastes good! The taste is lovely through the bong, but even more apparent when vaping this strain. I could appreciate the different terpenes a lot better through my Mighty Vaporizer!

Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review by ISMOKE


As a high-potency indica dominant hybrid strain, I was expecting this to hit hard and i was not disappointed.

The effects fully kick in from about 10 minutes, and the high is a gluey-kushy-fruity mash-up that leaves me wanting more.


Glueberry OG was a fun strain to smoke, and I marked it highly for a number of reasons. Firstly, it looked great – it also smelt and tasted delicious, and the effects were pretty potent.

Top marks all ’round!

Join me for part 2 featuring Glueberry OG Flower Rosin!

Glueberry OG Cannabis Strain Review by ISMOKE





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