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Welcome to another strain review feature today on the ISMOKE Channel. This week, we’re covering Gigantuan Automatic, a new strain from Aztech Genetics.

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Gigantuan Automatic crosses Critical and Ruderalis cannabis strains to deliver over 22% THC, while retaining the autoflowering trait.

Despite there being not a lot of info about this strain online yet, we do know that the critical used in this strain actually displayed rare sativa-like properties (and has Spanish-origin), although the Gigantuan Automatic strain itself still sits on the indica side.

This is an autoflowering strain (like the name suggests), and the sample I smoked for this review was grown organically, taking 11 weeks from seed to harvest.


The Gigantuan Automatic is presented well, with a good trim. It’s heavily covered in trichomes, with vibrant (but not wild) pistils.

The nug feels dense, with a small bit of give when it’s squeezed. It has also been cured and overall looks good, as far as bud samples go.

Interestingly the two buds I have of this are (as well as being nicely sized) slightly different colours, giving each their own frosty hue!


This strain captures a traditional cannabis scent – but mainly from the bag smell – the secondary scent that’s more likely to hit your nostrils when you’re not expecting it.

When I put my nose in the pot, I get a more complex aroma that incorporates flavours from the Afghanica side – it smells nice – not overtly dank, but definitely like something I want to smoke. Old school woody, earthy notes are prevalent once the bud has been ground.

Taste + Smoking Experience

For today’s review I used my trusty bong to sample the flavour and hit of the Gigantuan Automatic cannabis strain by Aztech Genetics.

This is a very smooth smoke, with the bong delivering a cool and flavoursome hit, particularly on the exhale. I was able to go further with bowls of Gigantuan Auto than other recently sampled strains without feeling the need to cough or take the bong in multiple breaths.

The taste incorporates that old school critical flavour without any smoke acridity. I hit two bowls of this in quick succession, before the effects fully had a chance to kick in!


Speaking of the effects, they’re certainly led by the indica-body high – this one allowed me to slow down my pace ever so slightly, relaxing my voice and body.

I was treated to more of a high than I was expecting, as well. This one hits harder than it looks like it will, evidenced by the >22% THC.

With the critical in its lineage, Gigantuan Automatic seems to deliver that sort of a high – but despite being body-led, I am still treated to an uplifting mental state induced by this strain.


I’ve enjoyed covering the Gigantuan Automatic this week – this is an example of organic well-grown Autoflowering genetics, and the smoking experience was very enjoyable.

It has an old-school flavour that might not be so impressive compared to the OG’s, the Haze’s and the Gelatos, but is enjoyable, smooth and flavoursome in its own right.

I like how this strain looks like it’d probably sit around the 13-18% THC mark, but then delivers over 22%, and I would be happy to smoke this again.


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