Recently we got our hands on the Genius Pipe.

You can watch our review video below to see the Genius Pipe in action below:

Smoking Weed with my Genius Pipe from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

The Genius Pipe has amazing filtration and cooling abilities, all without water and all in a compact package. Its simple three-piece design holds a huge amount of technological innovation that sets the Genius Pipe apart from other dry herb pipes on the market. Its 3-piece design also make it easy to clean.

“You will not find a pipe on the market that offers the same level of cooling in such a small and simple package. No water, no mess, and no fuss means that there’s no question about the fantastic quality of the Genius Pipe.”


  • Compact, Portable & Subtle
  • Minimalist Design
  • Great cooling system
  • Waterless Filtration deals with up to 95% of tar and resin

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