Gelato 41 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

We got our hands on a popular “top-shelf” strain originating in the US for this week’s strain review.

Gelato 41 crosses Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbet, and the result is just as tasty as you would imagine.

Bred by Cookies Fam Genetics, this strain is popular in the UK where it is often sold as “Cali bud”, which is how we came across it.

This sort of bud comes in pretty packaging and costs more than your regular 8th’s. Some people like this and will happily pay for imported flowers; others hate it and would rather smoke UK-grown goodness.

But, whether you mind the hefty price tag or not, this is some good quality cannabis. Read on to find out about Gelato 41!


, Gelato 41 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

With dense buds that look dank and well-cured, this Gelato 41 excels in its appearance. You can tell from looking at these flowers that they are top quality, and should not disappoint.

The greens are light, the pistils are out and the calyxes are stacked on this bud.


, Gelato 41 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The citrus and sweet, almost sickly notes give way pretty quickly to gas and power as the bud is broken open. I’m also getting some creamy sweet and pine/earth notes – this smells complex and delicious.

The raw gelato power creeps from these nugs, providing both apparent and secondary cannabis aroma that means you may want to think about taking a smell-proof bag if you are taking this one out in public.

And for those wondering, no – it doesn’t smell like ice cream!


, Gelato 41 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

I consumed the Gelato 41 through my Chongz Widow Maker bong as well as through my Mighty vaporiser. The taste was clearly more pronounced through the Mighty, as vaping tends to be over smoking bowls.

However the bong-smoking-experience was second to none that I have consumed recently – this is some very tasty bud! The ash is white and the flower burns clean.

Creamy and gassy – the power of Gelato is matched by its wonderful flavour – and the flavour, like the aroma, is also complex – at one point I coughed and even got some previously un-tasted fruity notes from this strain.


, Gelato 41 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Ranging between 15-25% THC (with some outliers climbing towards 29%), Gelato varies in its THC content depending on what you read.

This batch felt strong, although notably did not contain many glistening trichomes. The effects are indica-led, quickly leading to me feeling relaxed and happy with heavy eyes.

The high doesn’t feel too strong, so feels like it could be a good daytime smoke. However because of the intense, enjoyable flavour, it is rather moreish, so may be easy to overdo when consuming as a tool for productivity.


This strain looks, smells, smokes and feels wonderful. It has to be up there with some of my favourites, including Holy Grail Kush and Shoreline, and I look forward to smoking it again.

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