Holistic Highland Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Paste

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In a recent video filmed for the ISMOKE YouTube channel we take a look at the CBD paste sold on holistichighlandhemp.com. Join Tyler Green to learn more about this cannabis product on sale in the UK.

This CBD product is full-spectrum, extracted from the cannabis plant using critical CO2 extraction from organic certified EU hemp grown in Eastern Europe.

CBD Paste is a thicker form of CBD extract suitable for direct consumption, either by sublingual application or direct ingestion. The paste is often used to make CBD oil by mixing with a carrier. I prefer the paste as it gives more of a tingle when you eat it, and the result feels medicinal. It can be more substantial in the mouth than CBD oil but can be swallowed easily with a drink (warm works best). The taste is nutty, healthy and somewhat bitter, like the majority of natural hemp-flavoured products. Tip: Mix this product with a digestive biscuit or banana to balance the flavour with something sweet

Full Spectrum CBD Paste, Holistic Highland Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Paste

This paste from Holisic Highland Hemp is different from other CBD pastes I have consumed previously due to the terpene profile which includes some beta-myrcene, a terp also found in Mangos which is responsible for a synergistic effect with cannabis resulting in an increased high.

Full Spectrum CBD Paste, Holistic Highland Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Paste
Holistic Highland Hemp 15% CBD Paste Terpene Profile Analysis

This tube of paste contains 3 grams of oil, which at 15% CBD is approx 450mg cannabidiol in the tube. It also comes in a 1 gram tester size on site. With the recommended dose a grain of rice you’ll get around 85-100mg paste per sitting.

Full Spectrum CBD Paste, Holistic Highland Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Paste

The company Holistic Highland Hemp is based in Scotland and they offer a range of CBD products including Honey and Chocolate for those with a sweeter tooth!

You can get 10% off on site with the discount code ISMOKE 10 on their website www.holistichighlandhemp.com

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