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Forthcoming UK cannabis events – add these dates to your diary!

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The event numbers for 420 this year were huge! Well over 10,000 people attended throughout the day.

When people gather in groups of that size they are completely unpoliceable – despite there being lots of police at the event, attendees were in relative safety in numbers, as it wouldn’t make sense to arrest someone for something everybody in the immediate vicinity is doing.

Well, we call on you now, cannabis consumers and legalisation supporters – there are cannabis events happening all across the UK this summer and beyond, and it would be great to see as many of you there as possible.

The forthcoming events listed in our video today are taken from the events page over at CC Guide, which is regularly updated. You can view the events page here.

Note: Each event will have different organisers so you can expect to find different styles – some may have speakers, some may have edibles stalls etc. They are all free to attend and open to the public, so feel free to bring some friends.

We are fighting for cannabis legalisation in the UK. Join the movement and stand up for your right to consume cannabis!

Keep toking,

Tyler Green

Watch the video below for full forthcoming event details:

Thanks to Alun Buffry who runs CC Guide, and also Winston Matthews who brought this page to my attention.

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