Forget growing your own girlfriend, now you can grow your own weed!

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We recently launched a new video series covering cannabis-themed gifts that might (or might not) make good presents for your canna-loving friends.

This week we are taking a look at a Grow Your Own Weed Kit, purchased here on Amazing for the mighty price of £2.04 (with free delivery).

Similar to the grow your own girl/boyfriend kits we saw floating around joke shops and in the ads in the back of comic books growing up, this product instead takes the form of a cannabis leaf, which you can drop into water and watch as it (slowly) grows to 6 times its size.

The whole process takes 72 hours, and so isn’t particularly riveting – in fact, you’ll be hard pressed to notice it growing at all! But come back 72 hours later, and by gosh it will have grown.

Here’s our video featuring the Grow Your Own Weed Kit

If you want to buy a grow your own weed kit you can find it here on Amazon for £2.04 with free delivery – Just don’t expect any miracles!