Forbidos Strain Info & Extract Review

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Earlier this week we took a look at a new strain on the channel – Forbidos by In-House Genetics. A cross of Forbidden Fruit X Dosidos, Forbidos seeds aren’t cheap, but it delivers a terpy and enjoyable flavour profile.

The Forbidden Fruit adds the US-inspired fruity sweetness into the mix, and the Dosidos in the genetics, I have no doubt, would help make the buds look very appealing.

Tasting the shatter form of this extract, it became clear that this extract carried a lot of terps with a lovely fruity sweet flavour profile.

Forbidos, Forbidos Strain Info & Extract Review

The consistency was sticky, almost rosin-like, despite shatter sometimes being quite stable and easy to pick up. Golden in colour, this was not so easy to get off the dab tool for a cold-start dab, so reverted to a regular dab for this one.

You can watch our video all about the Forbidos extract below, or alternatively here on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

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