Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review

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Neighbours to The Backyard, just a 5-minute walk away, Fire House is located nearer Urgellmetro station.

Situated just 3 metro stops – or a 20-minute walk – down to Plaça de Catalunya where there are plenty of shops and places to eat.

Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

Space and atmosphere

Fire House has a modern feel, with its sleek black decor and large TVs which silently stream the latest hilarious, mind-boggling viral montages or educational cannabis videos via youtube.

I often find myself getting lost in the screen whilst giggling alongside my friends, which we find great entertainment once we’re too high to actually talk to one another.

Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

French, Spanish and English are spoken here by the friendly staff, who are very attentive and quick to help. They have bongs and rigs available to use, but I haven’t used any myself so I can’t comment on the quality of the equipment.

They have a good snack selection including crisps for only €0,50. Milkshakes are also on the menu, which also mentions some tasty-looking grilled sandwiches.

They play a range of different music from hip-hop to RnB, house and reggae vibes depending on when you’re in there. On Saturdays they often even host a Dj which really gives the place a great weekend feel.


Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

Fire House BCN has a great selection of cannabis flowers, hashes and oils.

The menu is available to look at on an ipad placed at the dispensary bar, with prices conveniently tagged underneath each strain from lowest to highest.

From the small selection of strains I have tried at firehouse so far, my favourites have to be their Orange x Sherbert and the Bubble Gum x Nicole.

The Orange sherbert, in particular, blew me away with its amazing smell, tangy citrus taste and great price.

Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

Bubble Gum x Nicole smelled beautiful sweet and fruity and smoked very smoothly. These strains only cost me €11 each per gram, which as previously mentioned in my last review is generally the maximum I choose to spend when at barcelona’s cannabis clubs.

My least favourite and the only strain I have disliked so far at Fire House was their cherry pie. I was drawn in by the name, but this sample did not give much of a smell and I personally did not find it very flavoursome.

Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

Their hash is very popular at Fire House, and so when they recently held an event to celebrate their 6 month anniversary they gave away free hash to their members. This regularly sells for at least €9. I attended with some friends who were also able to sign up for free during this event.

Although I am not a regular hash smoker, I did enjoy adding this delicious freebie to my joints. Sadly I cannot remember the names of the strains the hash was made from but it gave a beautiful peachy and lemon smell and tasted very smooth compared to any hash I have tried in the past.


Fire House, Fire House Barcelona Cannabis Club Review, ISMOKE

The Firehouse is a great place to chill out with friends, with comfortable seating and layout. The staff make you feel very at home and seem to remember and interact well with their members.

If you are a hash smoker I would definitely recommend checking them out. The choice of flowers is quite broad and there is plenty to keep you coming back to if you wanted to try them all.

Note: Signing up to clubs in Barcelona varies in regards to what ID you need and the cost and length of memberships. Most clubs require Passport ID, and attendance with a friend who is already a member during sign up.

I do not wish to disclose too much information regarding sign up costs as this may not be information they wish to share. Please remember these are Private associations and not coffeeshops, therefore I always try my best to give you all as much information as possible while respecting the limits of their privacy.

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