Making Cannabis E-Juice with Farm To Vape Liquidizer + Terpenes

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This week I took a look at some concentrate liquidizer by Farm To Vape. This allows you to make your own THC E-Juice by thinning your extracts (CBD or THC) to the correct viscosity for your vape cartridges and atomizers usually suited to e-liquid.

These is easy-to-make kits come with everything you need to thin your extracts and the thinner is made from a propriety blend of PG, PEG 300 and PEG 400.Farm To Vape, Making Cannabis E-Juice with Farm To Vape Liquidizer + Terpenes, ISMOKE

Farm to Vape also offers a range of cannabis terpene profiles to add to your extracts that can be used in conjunction with the thinner or used to flavour extract. These 2ml bottle contain the terps which only need 1 drop per 2-3ml of vape juice produced.

Using Farm to Vape thinner is as simple as adding your extracts into the dropper bottle, then filling up to the correct line with the thinner, which comes unflavoured or in a number of different flavours to suit your palette.

Farm To Vape, Making Cannabis E-Juice with Farm To Vape Liquidizer + Terpenes, ISMOKE

Once you’ve added the thinner, you can add a drop of terpenes from a terpene kit if you have one, and then seal up the bottle and pop the whole thing into some already boiling water in a saucepan for 3 minutes.

After three minutes your ejuice has been successfully mixed and can now be put into your cartridges using the dropper the bottle comes with.

I used the ccell cartridges which I’m told are good quality – note there have been recent developments of heavy metal traces found in cheaper carts from prolonged use. I also used the SILO battery which is the perfect size, shape and power for using with cartridges.

The juice will vary in flavour, depending on what flavouring you use, your extract, and whether you add terps. I made one with some below-average shatter and added pineapple express terps (unflavoured thinner) – the result was a subtle yet cannabis-inspired flavoured ejuice.

I made another one with THC isolate and Tangerine-flavoured Thinner, and this tastes even nicer than the terp-added one mentioned above. So experiment and see which flavours and combinations work best for your palette if you are unsure.

Farm To Vape, Making Cannabis E-Juice with Farm To Vape Liquidizer + Terpenes, ISMOKE

Note that there is an ever-so-slight plastic taste in the unflavoured thinner when vaped at high temps (ie when taking deeper breaths) which I cant taste in 2nd THC isolate cartridge  I made, but I can in the shatter cartridge. This is not much of a taste, it sounds more off-putting than it is and it is something I’ve heard mentioned with other wax liquidisers that I assume comes from the flavour of PG or PEG itself.

PEG is also under scrutiny from some who believe it have some potential risks associated – however researching this it seems these risks are from orally consuming (not vaping) PEG, or from DEG, a similar sounding but non-safe compound that producers may also manufacture. I cannot find anything concrete against vaping PEG or it being dangerous to do so, and the reason it is used instead of just PG is that its molecular structure makes it suitable for keeping the eliquid consistent.

And it does a good job of this – 24 hours after making my e-liquid there is no separation, so I can conclude that this product works well to make cannabinoid-infused e-juice.

You can learn more about my thoughts on the Farm To Vape Range in our YouTube video here.

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