Eurostar to Amsterdam just became a reality

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Cannabis enthusiasts rejoice! From this Christmas, you’ll be able to get the Eurostar from St Pancras station in London to Amsterdam, with trips straight to Rotterdam soon after.

Initially, there will be two trains a day and the journey from St Pancras International to Amsterdam city centre will take just under four hours.

London to Amsterdam Eurostar, Eurostar to Amsterdam just became a reality
The kind of munchies you can expect on the Eurostar

What does this mean for UK cannabis consumers? You’ll be able to get between London and Amsterdam more easily and cheaply than ever before!

OK, so it’s not going to beat the plane, which is usually 1 hour there, 45 mins back from London, but you could still easily travel out for the day, either stopping over or returning the same evening. And without having to deal with airport security!

A source from Eurostar told The Evening Standard: “We will compete with the low-cost airlines on price, speed, ease, convenience and quality of service.”

They already take on airlines on Paris and Brussels routes, offering low fares which can dip as low as £25 one way, with the London – Brussels route opening up this weekend.

We are unsure of the cost of the London to Amsterdam Eurostar trip, but will keep you updated!

So, who’s up for a Christmas 2017 trip to Amsterdam?

You can watch the highlights video from our last Amsterdam Trip in November 2016 below:


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