Ethica CBD Oil Broad Spectrum 5%

EthicaCBD Broad Spectrum 5% 500mg CBD Oil

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This week I’ve been trying out EthicaCBD’s 5% broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Each bottle contains 500mg of cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants. EthicaCBD blends this cannabidiol and the other minor cannabinoids in the broad spectrum extract with British hemp seed oil to create the end product.

Ethica CBD, EthicaCBD Broad Spectrum 5% 500mg CBD Oil, ISMOKE

Right off the bat, I was pretty impressed when this oil arrived in sustainable hemp and cardboard packaging!

Opening up the postage box, I find the 10ml bottle packaged in its box with plenty of information on dosage (including drop recommendations), a QR code, and recycling info all printed on a premium-feeling box with a gold Ethica CBD logo.

The innovative packaging extends to removing the bottle, which has the dropper set into and almost weaved through the box. I’m a bit of a packaging nerd, and I appreciated the ingenuity of the design.

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The CBD Oil bottle is amber and is pretty standard-looking for a 10ml dropper bottle. It has a green printed label with the EthicaCBD logo, dosage information and more additional info printed on the side.

The oil is a rich golden colour as I remove a pipette from the bottle via the dropper.

Ethica CBD, EthicaCBD Broad Spectrum 5% 500mg CBD Oil, ISMOKE

Sampling the oil, I get a subtle, mild and palatable hemp flavour. It isn’t bitter and doesn’t coat my mouth. The EthicaCBD oil has a taste that I don’t mind in the slightest, which makes this a good option for CBD oil on the go (without wishing for a drink after).

I keep the oil under my tongue for a couple of minutes before swallowing. I don’t notice that tingling sensation that can occur with some high potency products. Still, the oil does help me take on the day with that familiar cannabidiol feeling, which perks up my mood, reduces anxiety, and helps lowers stress.

Ethica CBD, EthicaCBD Broad Spectrum 5% 500mg CBD Oil, ISMOKE

EthicaCBD Oil retails at £35 for a 10ml bottle of 500mg strength oil. You can find it on their website here.

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