EQL terpene infused cbd oil

This week we have been looking at a new batch of CBD oil from the EQL brand sold on the Hemp Elf website. This range will also be featuring in the new Leefy Pop up CBD store opening at the beginning of February in London.

EQL CBD, EQL Terpene-Infused CBD Oil, ISMOKE
The Green band indicates the terpene-infused CBD oil in the EQL range

EQL CBD oil differs from a lot of the other cannabis CBD oil we’ve seen on the market so far, and we wanted to explain just how in a dedicated video which you can find at the bottom of this page or here on our YouTube channel.

Let’s take a look at these CBD products:

The bottles are clear with a golden smooth oil contained within. There are no visible bits or separation or shiny patches, looks like a good stable mixture.

The EQL oil is a fully compliant CBD product made from CBD isolate and cannabinoids and terpenes added into a base of MCT oil to create something with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes (can include CBC and CBG) but without even the 0.2% of THC “legal limit” (or sometimes higher) you might find in full spectrum.

Now make no mistake, we are fans of full-spectrum and the full benefits of the cannabis plant including glorious THC, but the broad spectrum offers everything but, making it a good potential oil for consumers currently getting their THC but not much else.

A great thing about the EQL oil range is the flavour which is mild, plant-like and even has hints of sweet. The regular oil taste is nice with mild/subtle notes, and the cannabis terpene infused oil, which is made from the terps extracted from their own hemp farm in the south of Spain, adds a stronger hemp taste – sort of nutty, earthy flavour which goes well with the oil.

Another good thing is the pipette in each bottle which has a 1ml measurement, making the dosage easy to regulate each day.

EQL CBD, EQL Terpene-Infused CBD Oil, ISMOKE
The pipette in each bottle shows a dosage range 0.25-1ml

We like the flavour of both the infused and the non-infused versions of the EQL CBD oil but the terpenes add something different so we’d pick that as our favourite – price-wise there are a range of options from 250mg-5000mg bottles.

We tried the medium dose containing 1000mg total or approx 33mg / ml. At this dose the terpene-infused bottle is £65.99 and the regular bottle is a bit cheaper at £59.99 on the hemp elf website.

Putting a full 1ml pipette under the tongue didn’t flood the mouth with flavour or bitterness and went down easily. No drink required after! Also, no noticeable tingle from the product like we’ve experienced with some pastes and oils. This oil is best taken with/after food as you can sometimes taste it with a burp on an empty stomach.

You can find EQL on Instagram @eql_cbd and on twitter @eqlcbd

Watch our Video below

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