Elderly Couple Grow Massive Cannabis Plant, Police Impressed

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This story has been floating around the web for the past couple of days. When we first saw it on facebook, we suspected it may be fake, but over the past day or two it has received a lot of press attention.

Basically, a sweet old couple bought a plant at a car boot sale and put it in their garden, where it (evidently) flourished. We can tell this because the police that discovered it are saying that it’s the largest cannabis plant they’ve ever seen.

Here’s a picture of the ahem..offending plant/tree/bush, apparently tweeted by the impressed police who discovered it:

, Elderly Couple Grow Massive Cannabis Plant, Police Impressed

You can let loose a sigh of relief, as Bedford police have said that no action would be taken against the couple, as they were unaware that the bush that they had carefully grown from a cutting was a cannabis plant.

One can only wonder who sold them the cutting, and why they were selling it in the first place.

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