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This is What Happens If You Eat 1000MG of THC in Cannabis Edibles

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There are a lot of cannabis-focused youtubers in the US who upload daily cannabis content and info which often features crazy challenges including massive dab hits, multi bongs, extreme cannabis edibles and more.

We’ve been following Crutch420’s youtube channel for a while, and recently watched a video he made last year when he his his first 1000 subscribers. To celebrate, Crutch consumes over 1000mg of THC (also known as one gram, but that certainly sounds less impressive). Just to put that in perspective, the average dose in products we have seen/bought in the UK are around 50-100mg so this is between 10-20 doses in one go.

Spoiler alert: Crutch is completely fine. He makes a point in the video that while very high, he’s not ‘too high’ and can still function, plus he’s nice and medicated which is always good.

, This is What Happens If You Eat 1000MG of THC in Cannabis Edibles, ISMOKEIn the Video Crutch takes 4 x ‘THC Tears’ – capsules with 240mg of THC in each one, plus a small cake to top up the THC ingestion to just over 1000mg.

Crutch mentions reports in Denver or people taking themselves to hospitals in a panic after a 100mg edible, but he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

While we do not recommend you consume 1000mg of THC in one sitting unless you know what you are doing, it certainly wouldn’t kill you.

This shows how small the risk of cannabis actually is compared to other drugs – can you imagine consuming 20 shots, or 20 lines of cocaine in one go? You most certainly would not be in a good place after. After his 1000mg of THC Crutch gets on with his laundry, even stopping to do some more dabs a few hours later.

You can watch the video by clicking the image at the top of this post!

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, This is What Happens If You Eat 1000MG of THC in Cannabis Edibles, ISMOKE