Dynavap M Vaporizer

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We took a look at the new 2019 edition of Dynavap’s entry level vaporizer, the ‘M’ vape, which now comes in 3 new colours.

This device works by the user heating it up using a jet lighter, torch or another suitable heat source to get the chamber up to the correct temp. This differs from a lot of other vapes on the market which have opted for the battery/electronics route.

, Dynavap M Vaporizer, ISMOKE

Note: I would advise only using windproof lighters as normal lighters will leave black marks.

The design of the Dynavap M – and the other Dynavap products which use the same tech but with more expensive housing or additional features – is simple yet stunningly effective.

How do you know when you’re at the right temperature? Two clicks signify that the chamber has reached the right temp, and Dynavap have coined the hashtag #RespectTheClick to ensure people don’t heat overheat their unit.

, Dynavap M Vaporizer, ISMOKE
, Dynavap M Vaporizer, ISMOKE

Using the device, it gives a strong flavour and a good level of cloud, which can be managed and your technique perfected by playing around with the heat points on the vap cap.

Cleaning the device is pretty easy – it comes apart into a few pieces which can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

Overall this is a great vaporizer which I particularly enjoy for sampling small amounts of flower. It gives a good flavour profile quickly and efficiently, providing you have a suitable heat source to hand.

I reviewed this vaporizer on the ISMOKE YouTube channel which you can watch here.

You can pick up a new Dynavap M Colour 2019 Edition for £79.14 from Vaposhop here