Durham City Cannabis Club June Bloom Event 2017

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Last weekend saw Durham City Cannabis Club hosting their latest and largest outdoor public protestival event yet, June Bloom.

Last weekend’s event was the most recent in DCCC’s Campaign to put on monthly protest events to demonstrate that mass social consumption doesn’t lead to anti-social behaviour while standing to highlight the urgent need for Cannabis law reform. Each day prohibition continues here in the UK millions of Cannabis consumers will remain subject to arbitrary police persecution, cultural condemnation and media demonisation

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The day started with a cloudy morning which hastily cleared, with the sun rather serendipitously coming out just as the first few stalls began setting up their gazebos, banners and tables.

As the event got underway, the weather continued its upward trajectory, turning into a rather beautiful sunny day, which helped to attract the passing public and enticed in more than just a few with an estimated total attendance over the whole day of 400 – 500 people!

, Durham City Cannabis Club June Bloom Event 2017, ISMOKE

I’m confident in saying this has been their most successful event to date.

Well.. until July High!

There were people in attendance who had travelled from as far as Glasgow, Manchester, Kent, Birmingham and London, to name but a few, who all enjoyed taking advantage of all the assembled stalls that were set up for DCCC’s second solo event June Bloom.

There were head shops from South to North, with East London Headshop, Fat Tones Shop and The Loft head shop, as well as local online store Dab That Slab attending their first such event!

Clothing stalls from Blue Cheese Clothing, Smoke Loud UK, White Rhino Clothing, 7th Circle apparel as well as local artists HeART & Peace also attended offering their wares to the gathered public.

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7th circle apparel was in attendance at the event

This was also the first event which saw commercial food stalls, The Street Diner fed the hungry hoard. We’re excited about this, because it now opens up the event to all sorts of potential food vendors for the future.

Following an hour delay with generator trouble and confusion, the music got going, with the sound once again kindly and rather generously being provided by a club supporter and friend.

Dave the dealer himself, Keith Hudson once again joined us with his unique musical stylings even demonstrating “Stoner engineering” perfectly by crafting a mic stand out of a metal pole and a broom!

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Unfortunately, a few of the other musicians had to pull out last minute, so there was more plug and play sets to entertain the gathered masses between speakers and shopping at the stalls.

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DCCC were lucky enough to be joined by such great speakers as the founder of Bud Buddies, Jeff Ditchfield, who spoke of the great work bud buddies are doing sustaining kids that otherwise wouldnt have a chance, Author of Boy in 7 Billion, Callie Blackwell, spoke about her story fighting to save her sons Deryn’s life TWICE with Cannabis.

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Feed the birds representative and Teesside Cannabis club blogger Trev Coleman once again joined us, bringing with him his expertise and offering help and advice to all about the myriad of medicinal and industrial applications for the Cannabis plant. He spoke about the potential for a true Northern powerhouse built on Hemp and Cannabis technology!

Unfortunately, Greg De Hoedt showed up fashionably late.. after the event but we still nevertheless had a chance to sit down and chat.

For the first time, the police attended one of the events, some five hours after it had begun. They did not attend en mass, nor to arrest anyone for openly consuming Cannabis, In fact the word Cannabis wasn’t mentioned once. It was actively avoided – instead they attended for minor reasons, stating that they were there to inquire about the stickers that the club has been giving away at their events which had apparently been stuck up in the city and to tell me that I did not have permission to host the event and that we would need permission in the future.

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The officers left as quickly as they arrived, I would imagine rather surprised at the professionalism and courtesy afforded them by the representatives they spoke with.

I informed them that the site would be left cleaner than found as with all our events and that I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss this matter further with themselves, I await an email from the police department.

Following their departure, the raffle was drawn, and 10 lucky people went home with Prizes from Royal Queens Seeds, Seedsman, Dab That Slap headshop, Fat tones, East London, Het Ballonnetje coffeeshop, Bomb seeds, Kannabia seeds, Aztech headshop, High Grade London, London Seeds Bank and more.

I would like to finish by thanking each and every one of you who has thus far supported the club and myself in all our endeavours,

We remain as always committed to obtaining legalisation of Cannabis in the UK!

The next event from Durham City Cannabis Club is DCCC presents July High on July 22nd I hope to see you all there!

Click here for the July High Event Page

, Durham City Cannabis Club June Bloom Event 2017, ISMOKE