Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session

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We attended Durham City Cannabis club’s final Protestival event of the year at Hemp Gardens in Durham at the weekend.

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE

This was Durham City Cannabis Club’s fifth such solo event this year. These events have been steadily increasing in popularity and attendance, and every event boasts a wide variety of stalls, speakers and musicians from around the UK.

You can read about the clubs previous events, all of which have been covered here in ISMOKE Magazine 

The Autumn Session was arranged to satisfy the overwhelming calls from the public to host one more final event this year.

Durham City Cannabis Club are hoping to be able to secure a private site to host music nights and free party events throughout the year in tandem with their protestival events in 2018 and beyond. They’ve already approached several local sound systems and musicians who’re all excited to work together to arrange these joint events.


This event, like its predecessors, attracted many companies and stalls from around the country including East London head shop, Sensi Snacks, White Rhino clothing and Pops Edibles
There were, unfortunately, several dropouts at this event, prompting the organisers to announce changes to the way the second series of events will run next year.

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE

The new system will seek to ensure there is no excessive profiteering, price gouging, Under 18’s attending, or other unauthorised and unacceptable activity taking place at their events, all of which could jeopardise the future of the club, the events and even the organiser’s freedom.

This year saw the launch of DCC hosting these kinds of events, and it’s great to say that they’ve been rather well received by the neighbouring residents of Hemp Gardens, the residents of Durham, The attendees and of course the wider canna-community.

The cloudy sky above and looming weather did little to dampen the anticipation and excitement of the gathered crowd.

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Fortunately, the rain held off until the end of the day, which for a city in the North East of England in October is quite an accomplishment!

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE

Despite the overcast skies and eventual downpour the event still managed to easily attract over 250 guests throughout the day.

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE

The raffle was drawn by the DCCC chairman and Beat fox in the centre of Hemp Gardens giving away goodies kindly provided by Seedsman, Junkyard Seed emporium, Freedom Seeds, Baked Buddha, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Snacks, Pops Edibles, White Rhino and many more.

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE


A limited few guests also got the awesome pleasure of Beat Fox performing after the event at a little smoke out at the club chairman’s house.

There was positive press coverage in the local media on the day of the event as well, with the Northern Echo publishing this piece on the morning of the session.

There were also other representatives from 420 friendly media including MMJ and Smokers Guide to help maximise the coverage of DCCC’s last event of 2017.

, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE

Durham City Cannabis club would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Companies, Businesses, Musicians, Guest speakers and the local community that have and continue to support us in all our endeavours.

DCCC will be back in 2018…

Bigger, Bolder, Braver!


, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE, Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session, ISMOKE