Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Awareness Event August 2018

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One of the best road trips I’ve had so far since getting my driving license back after a 2-year voluntary surrender following my brain surgery in January 2016, has been the long drive from North Wales to Dumfries and Galloways Awareness Event at “The Club” in Lincluden.


When I arrived I was greeted by Club chairmen Tim Rees who had been working hard to prepare for the event with his brilliant finance Sandra Louise. For me, Tim sets a brilliant example of what’s expected from a club chairman; he goes out of his comfort zone to bring the community together with an educational event designed up promote both his club and educate to the public on cannabis.

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Inside the huge club room provided a UKCSC dream set up: a decent-sized stage with PA, hot box area, plenty of space for multiple club stands and seating for the public. The stage was done up brilliantly with various club graphics and banners supporting frontline health groups.

Getting a chance to meet more of the people behind the scenes was an instant pleasure. Like in Brighton, you can literally just make friends effortlessly as you are welcomed into what gives you the feeling is a community every good intentioned person belongs to.

Club member and We the Undersigned Board Member Byron Huggins who is a true progressive and passionate activist offered some edibles while Tim got me sorted with one of their club t-shirts as I got chatting with more of the speakers that were invited.

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This was where I finally got to meet and have a proper chat with Jannette Jj Clements of Bud Buddies. We hit it off with ease as it became apparent we are both in it for the right reasons, have a clear understanding of where the corruption is behind prohibition, and celebrate that is our side that exclusively has the integrity and humanitarian interests at heart.

As she was the first speaker she made a hard act to follow by truth-bombing her way to a loud applause in a talk that really set the tone for the night.

I went on next after Sandra added the DGCSC clubs endorsement to JJ’s brilliant message of what is a new human rights movement.

This time, unlike in the talk I gave in the freezing cold at Parliament back in February, I went up feeling confident because I had just been so inspired by JJ, Sandra and the dialled in the atmosphere of the whole event.

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I made sure to bring on stage my copy of Jeff Ditchfield’s Medical Cannabis Guide Book to recommend and emphasise the importance of public educational outreach which is my passion at Wrexham Cannabis Club.

I suggested that all UKCSC clubs up and down the country engage with their local public in the town centres to find out if people have heard of things like the endocannabinoid system, and to educate them as to why it’s important for their *and their loved one’s) health.

I finished by trying to explain that although the public doesn’t know it yet, we are on their side, whilst prohibition is not. I also added that the success I have had managing brain cancer with cannabis is not enough, I’m just one man! It should be everyone’s right to not have to go through the pain and fear that the diseases of inflammation can cause if there is a perfectly good treatment option available that simply hasn’t been legally endorsed yet.

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We stayed for 2 more talks, one by the legendary Lee Harris, and the other by Bud Buddies activist Danny Nicholson, who both provided the audience with the historical inconsistencies in how the law has been applied to cannabis for its medical superiority over pharmaceuticals and Hemp’s material superiority over the materials that are not friendly to Earths Environment.

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An important point Danny ended on was the importance of getting cannabis oil tested for purity – he showed a practical visual example of how cannabis oil should look compared to the rubbish sold by scammers or cash crop black market types.

Before I left for the long night drive home I made sure to give my blessings and support to the next speaker Karen Gray who is one of many passionate loving mothers across the country that are having to fight against the state they live in to keep their child alive and well.

Never failing to live up to the Scottish hospitality, Tim gave me many kind words when leaving and Byron made sure that my broken satnav cable was replaced so I didn’t get lost on the way home.

On the way home I felt buzzing with optimism about the future of the UKCSC’s and pride to be part of this community.

It was well worth the miles travelled to be with Dumfries and Galloways own cannabis club.

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Peace and Love, Phil James
Wrexham Cannabis Social Club

Cover photos and additional photos by Darren Rigby Photography 

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Watch Phil speaking at the DGCSC Event:


, Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Awareness Event August 2018, ISMOKE

Phil James is a 32-year-old 3D Artist from Coventry who featured on BBC Three's 2016 documentary Dying for Weed. When he was 30, he was diagnosed with grade 3 brain cancer and told he would only have 2 years to live.

He is here today on a mission to help this community save more lives and to praise this gift from the heavens called Cannabis.