Dugout Smoking Review

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This week we took a look at a smoking product called a Dugout. This device is a combined one-hitter pipe and flower compartment which makes consuming herbs discreet and easy.

Digging into the history of the dugout is a little murky. The pipe design is effectively a small chillum, a smoking device going back to at least the eighteenth century where it was used by Indian monks.

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The dugout pipe can vary in appearance, taking the form of a straight glass or metal pipe with a small chamber. Some are designed to look like a cigarette, and the dugout itself is roughly the size of a cigarette packet, making this the smoking pipe of choice for discreet public smokers.

We found a record of somebody reporting that they first saw this style of pipe back in the 1970’s, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was even older than that. Comments on our YouTube video show that people are familiar with this device in one form or another from back in the day:

dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE

These days dugouts come in various shapes, sizes and materials. You can get them in various grains of wood or metal and each company makes theirs look quite distinct.

dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE

Some dugouts have been developed with various additional features, including ones with attached grinders which feed right into the chamber and others which include cotton filters. Some sets will also include a pokey to keep the pipe clean, while others will rely on you remembering to use a small stick or pipe-cleaner.

Our dugout featuring in today’s video features Trailer Park Boys branding and is by a company called Famous Brandz, who make high quality branded smoking equipment (check out our Mauie-Wowie dab rig and Bluntman & Chronic bong reviews here for more).

dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE

The red metallic dugout casing is made of aluminium, with a good quality spinning magnetic lid and spring which makes getting the pipe out a breeze.

The chamber can hold >2g of your pre-ground herbs, and one chamber tends to last – we have only topped up the flower stored in there twice in the past week which makes the dugout smoking device feel pretty economical.

If you are somebody that only likes big, heavy hits then the dugout is probably not going to work for you. This suits people who like small, frequent hits, or people that wish to smoke discreetly in public environments.

The Trailer Park Boys Dugout featured in this video could be consumed publically as from as little as a few metres away it would be difficult to spot that the user is not simply lighting/smoking a cigarette.

dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE

A cleaning element isn’t included in this set however, so keeping the pipe clean will require the use of a thin stick or pipe cleaner to ensure the pipe smokes smoothly and retains maximum air flow.

dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE
Using our dugout while writing this article

We’ve been so impressed with the ease of this device that despite the technology being nothing new, it has cemented its place amongst our daily smoking equipment, because it is just perfect for when we want a small hit but cannot be bothered to go through the bong-sorting or joint-rolling process.

Watch our Dugout video below:

The Trailer Park Boys dugout can be purchased from the Everyone Does It Headshop (£19.95) – you can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off on site.


dugout, Dugout Smoking Review, ISMOKE