Drinking 500mg of THC Syrup (THC Lean)

Have you tried THC Syrup? Also known as THC Lean, the bottle we tried contained 750mg of THC from shatter, the strongest edibles product that we have sampled.

Naturally, we had to properly test the product, so I drank two-thirds of the bottle, consuming 500mg of THC in total with two different mixers.

What quickly became apparent when filming this video is that I should have used less mixer, as almost two pints of fizzy drink in one go was not a good feeling for my belly!

That being said, once the initial nauseousness had faded, I could definitely feel the effects, more so than I think I realised when filming, making it quite funny to watch back!

Watch my thoughts on the Mango THC lean, its effects and more in my review of the THC Syrup for ISMOKE Media –

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Hope you enjoyed our video review of the Mango THC Lean / THC Syrup. We will be back with more videos next week!

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