Cannabis With Dr Seuss

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A Stoner’s Homage to Doctor Seuss

For ol’ Doctor Seuss,

All his rhyming’s astounding,

It’s great when you’re high,

or you’re steadily grounding.

With characters wild and extreme in their grandeur,

It’s a wonder the guy wasn’t smoking some ganja.

But maybe he was and it’s all been a scam,

Only stoners could stomach green eggs with their ham.

A fox who wore socks?

Tiny people called Whos?

Is he just off his head,

Or leaving us clues?

When Seuss wrote about an insufferable cat,

Perhaps it was weed growing out of his hat?

And Horton who spoke to a Who on a flower,

No more than some bud that had gone a bit sour.

Are you high Dr Seuss?

This is all a bit wacky,

What’s that in your pipe?

, Cannabis With Dr Seuss, ISMOKE

I’m sure it’s not bakky.

Did you frequent the bong with a passion for bud?

With the twists in your rhyming I think that you would.

From giant trim-tramblers to wild beasts galore,

I think Doctor Suess might have paid for a score.

Whether high as a kite,

Or creatively wild,

What Doc Seuss has written,

Inspired many a child.

Whether pipe, or bong or a blunt ready-made,

A tribute to ol’ Dr Seuss should be paid.

So let’s spark up a spliff for this poetic man,

And smoke a salute to the great Sam-I-Am.

Was Doc Seuss on weed?

I guess we can’t know,

But try for yourself,

Oh the places you’ll go…

, Cannabis With Dr Seuss, ISMOKE

Written by Brian, White Widow enthusiast and marijuana seeds aficionado.

, Cannabis With Dr Seuss, ISMOKE, Cannabis With Dr Seuss, ISMOKE