Full Spectrum CBD RSO has landed, ladies and gentleman, with a new product available from Holistic Highland Hemp.

Dr Robertsons Special Oil is a type of FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) made from hemp plants, with the end result looking and feeling like RSO, the medicinal preparation popularised by Rick Simpson, which he used to cure over 30,000 patients in the US.

The difference is that there is very little THC in Dr Robertsons Special Oil, whereas Rick’s oil is mainly THC.

I got my hands on a glass syringe of Dr Robertsons Special Oil for the purposes of this review. It came in a foam-cut slide-out in a Victorian-style-branded box which I think looks great.

, Dr Robertsons Special Oil, ISMOKE

Opening the box to expose the syringe, I can see it is filled with thick, dark oil, and capped to prevent a spill. This extract is best stored at room temperature, as it may stiffen and be tough to obtain from the syringe when cold. At room temperature, however, Dr Robertsons Special Oil remains fairly fluid and can be extracted from the syringe with ease.

The syringe has marker points for accurate dosing, and you can place the nozzle on your finger and pump the required amount with your thumb.

The RSO smells strongly of hemp, albeit with a distinct profile, and this carries through into the taste of the oil which is somewhat bitter but with hemp terps, reminding me of other full-spectrum pastes I have tried. Dr Robertsons does have a unique terpene profile, shown in the lab tests, but it is not the same as you’d find in recreational cannabis, and I struggled to enjoy the flavour on its own.

This extract is much thicker than regular CBD oil, with the consistency falling somewhere between CBD oil and a Cannabis Extract such as wax. Dr Robertsons Special oil is also more of an oil and less of a paste than other full-spectrum extracts I have sampled.

, Dr Robertsons Special Oil, ISMOKE

The cannabinoid profile of Dr Robertsons Special is full and has a rich list of constituents, much like the terpene profile. But the THC content is low enough for this product to not fall under Novel Foods Regulations.

The RSO is made by Holistic Highland Hemp, who wanted offer a full-spectrum product to the UK market in 2021, post Novel Foods regulations and at a time when it is becoming more restrictive for CBD sellers in the UK.

Because Dr Robertsons Special Oil is registered as a cosmetic product and does not have more than 1mg per syringe, it is exempt from the new regulations. It is available to purchase now and will remain on the shelves in the UK in April and beyond.

You can find Dr Robertson’s Special Oil on the Holistic Highland Hemp Website here. It is currently £29.99 for a 1 gram tube containing 450 mg of cannabidiol. You can use the discount code ISMOKE10 at checkout for a discount.

You can watch the review below or find it on YouTube here

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