Dabbing with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition]

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This week we have been getting high with the Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition.

The Dr Dabber Boost combines the tech of an e-nail and a dab rig and delivers it in the form of a portable vaporizer with modular nails for easy switching between quartz, titanium and ceramic.

Dr Dabber Boost, Dabbing with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition], ISMOKE

The device comes in a wooden box with foam insert – this is the best product box I have ever received, making a nice change from cardboard.

Inside the box you get 3 nails, everything you need to maintain the device including a spare heating element and a Dr Dabber Keyring.

Dr Dabber Boost, Dabbing with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition], ISMOKE

Using the Dr Dabber Boost is easy – you just switch on the device by pressing the button 3 times (or 5 times if you’re using the quartz attachment) and then simply wait 30-40 seconds for it to reach the right temperature.

Once it is hot enough, the light will change colour and you are ready to dab by touching your extract to the centre of the chosen nail using the dab tool provided.

The Dr Dabber delivers tasty dabs. The clouds don’t seem super thick, and I found that running it on one heat cycle before use improved the vapour production. You can also keep the carb cap on the device and turn it on again to dab the extract that may be left behind on your nail.

Watch our review of the Dr Dabber Boost below:

Portable Dabs with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition] from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

We got our Dr Dabber Boost from the Namaste Vapes website. You can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off anything on site! 

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