Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week we are looking at Double Funk, a hybrid strain bred by Karma Genetics.

Made by crossing the famous Headbanger (male) x Sour Do-Si-Dos, Double Funk captures a mixture of flavour profiles and delivers a unique-tasting hit.


Double Funk’s genetics can be traced back further – Headbanger = Biker Kush X Sour Diesel, and Sour Do-Si-Dos = Do-Si-Dos X Sour Dubble. 

Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Bred by Karma Genetics in collaboration with London Dank, this sample was originally from a test seed given to Chemdank. Double Funk seeds are now on sale, but by no means look like the cheapest option on the market right now.

So this one is an indica-dominant hybrid with solid genetics – but let’s delve a little deeper into the sample itself.


Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The Double Funk sample looks good, with heavy trichome coverage (it particularly glistens under the flash).

Without the flash, but in good light, the double funk maintains a more uniform colour with light green shades which still contrast with the pistils. This has a bit of an old school sort of look to it.

The calyxs aren’t stacked and there is some squish to this bud, so not as dense as some other strains from this grower but the stickiness gives hint to the THC content of this strain.


Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This is a complex aroma, with strong pungent and sour notes coming from the pot that the sample was stored in.

The bud themselves smell slightly sweeter, giving way to pungency and even a bit of gas (think headbanger) when I broke them open and ground some up.

It is less gassy than headbanger, and less sweet than other strains, giving it a unique profile. At this point in the review video I noticed what I was missing – a sort of sour smell that is apparent from when the buds are broken, but which carries over into the taste.

Taste + Smoking / Vaping Experience

Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

I tried the Double Funk through my Chongz Widowmaker and my Mighty Vaporizer, to get an idea of both the smoking and vaping experience.

Interestingly, this is a strain which I prefer to smoke over vaping, let me explain!

First of all, I can tell this is really clean weed. The smoking experience leaves no bite on the inhale or exhale, and the vaping experience is smooth and delivers plenty of flavour.

The flavour itself is uniquely sour and pungent, and very different from the gassy headbanger I was expecting to taste a bit of. This has a sweetness of cookies, but a sour of it’s own devising, probably from the Sour Dubble, a genetics branch I am less familiar with.

When I smoke it I don’t get a huge amount of taste, just nice cool smoke which is slightly expansive on the exhale.

Vaping, however, the taste is very apparent, and it is not my favourite sort of cannabis taste, reminding me of some old kush’s I have smoked years ago, but nothing that I have come across recently.

So despite being very interesting, my personal preference is that this is not the taste for me. I wonder if this could be the taste of this phenotype, with others leaning more towards the gas of the headbanger/ sour diesel.


Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The Double Funk kicks in fast and it kicks in hard. If you watch the review video, you can see my face change as the first bong begins to work its magic, helped by the Mighty Vape I keep puffing on while continuing to discuss the strain in detail.

It is the relaxation which kicks in first, chilling me right out. I notice some light sensitivity and also a general sense of happiness as the bong kicks in.

By bong two my eyes have gone, with one looking lazier than the other in true stoned style, and you can see that I’m struggling to maintain the conversation fluidity towards the end of the video!


Double Funk, Double Funk Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This was a high-quality bit of weed, and I enjoyed reviewing it, despite not enjoying the flavour as much as other strains I’ve reviewed. The appearance is good, the smell and effects are both top-notch, so Double Funk by Karma Genetics looks like a solid strain for 2019.

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