DIY: Make Your Own Indoor Grow Garden in Just a Few Hours

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We got an email the other day about a website called Spacebuckets with tips on making your own indoor grow gardens.  Not costly set up,  you could be good to go and growing your tomatoes within a couple of hours!

The idea is to use 5 gallon buckets during the entire life of any plant: one main bucket with soil and ventilation (two PC fans), and multiple stacked bucket tops for added height, if needed. Inside walls are covered with reflective material, outside walls with black masking tape, and the lid has three CFL bulbs (?23w).

Space Buckets are a plug and play indoor garden, as they need only one power outlet to work and start growing.

These grow buckets can be made in a few hours, and only basic knowledge of the dangers of electricity is needed.

Check out the full guide on

, DIY: Make Your Own Indoor Grow Garden in Just a Few Hours, ISMOKE

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