Disco Biscuit Cannabis Strain Information and Review

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Up this week in our strain review series, we have Disco Biscuit, bred by Underground Originals. This is episode 23 in our 2020 Strain Review Series.

This strain is a combination of Girl Scout Cookies X UGORG #1 (Cheese X UGORG Blues).

There is not a lot of information available online about this strain, although UGORG released it in seed form back in 2015.


Disco Biscuit, Disco Biscuit Cannabis Strain Information and Review

Capturing the bud structure of the cheese/blues somewhat, Disco Biscuit does seem to carry an old school look, although the colours, when compared to Exodus Cheese, are more diverse: darker greens with more pistil coverage.

The sample is well developed, with this plant leaning towards the indica growth-structure.

Less trichome coverage than many modern strains – however, this does not impact the potency of this one!


Disco Biscuit, Disco Biscuit Cannabis Strain Information and Review

Disco Biscuit has a lovely cheese-type aroma when the bud is broken apart and ground up, releasing waves of skunky pungency.

However, before the bud is handled, the sweet creamy cookies aroma is present and leads the aroma, with the cheesiness only becoming fully apparent later.

Taste + Consumption experience

Disco Biscuit, Disco Biscuit Cannabis Strain Information and Review

This strain tastes good through the bong, delivering a cool, smooth and pungent hit which leaves the mouth with a creamy exhalation that doesn’t feel likely to induce coughing (not acrid).

Vaping Disco Biscuit is a wonderful experience, as the flavour captures the UGORG 1 and the GSC nicely, delivering a creamy, biscuity type flavour with a pungent kick.

I’m hard-pressed to pick which consumption method I preferred, as the vapour tasted better, but the smoke was super smooth, making smoking this a really nice bong experience.


Disco Biscuit, Disco Biscuit Cannabis Strain Information and Review

Landing more on the body-led end of the cannabinoid spectrum, Disco Biscuit is also a potent strain relatively – and it is much stronger than the cheese in its grand-parenthood. Some samples have apparently tested up to 28% THC, interesting when noting the lack of significant trichome coverage on this specific sample.

The high is relaxing, not couch-locking, but certainly not a high I’d pick if I had a million things to do today. Well-suited for the afternoons, but you probably won’t struggle too much with this one in the morning either, particularly if you are an experienced consumer. I really like cheese high, and this reminds me of it somewhat, although the cookies high is definitely in there as well adding more power into the experience.

Overall, Disco Biscuit was an enjoyable smoke and vape, with pleasant effects to boot. I am led to believe that this is a strain with a lot of bag appeal – the sample I had on this occasion carried more of a hand-trimmed organic grow so may not have reflected this entirely, but I am very happy with this smoke.

You can watch our Disco Biscuit Review here on YouTube, or below:

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