OG 18 Diamonds & Sauce

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The world of cannabis extracts is wonderfully diverse, and even as a seasoned dabber, it can still surprise me. Every now and then I’ll come across something that blows me away. Sometimes it’s the strength; sometimes it’s the flavour.

But Diamonds & Sauce seems to take dabbing to a whole different level, delivering a powerful hit and perhaps the strongest flavour I’ve dabbed.

What is “Diamonds and Sauce”?

Diamonds and Sauce are a new potent form of cannabis extract combining THCa crystals (basically pure THC when vaped/dabbed/smoked) and a sauce made up from viscous terps and other cannabinoids.

And this form of cannabis concentrate is taking off in the States right now. Naturally, means that it’s also circulating through various cannabis black markets across the world.

And recently I heard reports that UK extractors are making some fine diamonds and sauce themselves. Of course, I had to go and investigate this with my own eyes! 

, OG 18 Diamonds & Sauce, ISMOKE

I felt privileged to be given the chance to visit a facility and to inspect a huge UK-grown diamond at a top-secret extraction facility in the South of England with TG Botanical Extracts recently.

While there, as well as getting an insight into the production process I was able to sample the dry diamonds, diamonds in sauce and the sauce by itself.

, OG 18 Diamonds & Sauce, ISMOKE


The strain used to make diamond above is OG 18, a hybrid expression of the OG strain that packs a punch in its raw bud form. I have yet to see a bigger diamond in the UK, and as far as I know, this 2.4g diamonds is the current National record holder. Please get in touch if you’ve seen somebody beat this size with THCa diamonds.

From speaking to the extractor I was able to gain this insight: The Diamonds apparently take some time to grow, which is a significantly longer process than other forms of extraction. Interestingly the sauce and diamond ratios also don’t come out at 50/50 (more sauce comes out during the process).

Dabbing the Diamonds & Sauce

The diamonds don’t taste like much at all, because all the terps alongside any plant material has been stripped away leaving just the THCa (the un-decarbed form of THC). The sauce taste like heaven. It is honestly one of the if not the nicest thing I’ve ever dabbed, and I’ve dabbed a lot.

, OG 18 Diamonds & Sauce, ISMOKE

You can watch me trying out the OG 18 Diamonds & Sauce in our video out today on the ISMOKE Vimeo channel.