Deathbed Kush Cannabis Strain Information & Review

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Welcome to another cannabis information feature brought to you by ISMOKE.

Each week we sit down with a new cannabis sample to review, and this week Deathbed Kush is in our strain spotlight.

This strain is a mystery feature, as we do not know the genetics/parents of Deathbed Kush. So this week we will be going on our own experiences of the appearance, smell, taste and effects.


The Deathbed Kush came in three small nugs, a little bit smaller than I’d like for a review sample.

The sample is absolutely covered with white trichomes, with a light-green colour underneath and spots of darker green.

There are no bits of leaf dotted about; the Deathbed Kush sample has a particularly strong trim job.

The buds also have a little bit of give when squeezed, and a nice, dense consistency.


I’m getting really strong citrus notes when I smell this sample. The other apparent smell is sweetness, but not sweet like a haze strain: more like a sunset sherbet sort of sweetness.

deathbed kush, Deathbed Kush Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Grinding this up, a bit of earthiness comes through in the Deathbed Kush, along with the sweet citrus notes.


Using my bong to consume this one, I’m impressed with the smoothness of the Deathbed Kush. It’s so smooth, in fact, that I go back for a second bong hit around 2 minutes later.

deathbed kush, Deathbed Kush Cannabis Strain Information & Review

The sweetness is there on the exhale – it actually reaches my flavour-sensors towards the end of the inhale. I don’t get the citrus so much in the taste, but it certainly does taste lovely.

The smoke has next to no acridity, and is a pleasure to smoke through my bong.


Having hit two bowls of Deathbed Kush I’m about to start feeling pretty good…

As the effects begin to kick in I notice a calm relaxation – this high doesn’t come with the intensity of a heavy/cloudy sativa – I do experience some cerebral effects but in a very clear-headed way.

My eyes go quite red after consuming this one, a sign I’m perhaps more stoned than I feel (fun to watch back when editing the video!)

So, a nice indica-dominant-hybrid-feeling buzz from this one.


Overall, despite its mysterious origins, I am very impressed with the sample of Deathbed Kush I tried out this week for the review.

Apperance, smell, taste and effects were all on point – to find some criticism, I’d love to know the genetics – not finding any other info online made me wonder whether this has been renamed at some point.

If I had to pick a strain it was most-like from US samples I have tried, I would say it reminds me of Sunset Sherbet.

Would definitely smoke again.

Watch our Deathbed Kush review video below:

Deathbed Kush Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

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