Recently the Dead Fox Cup 2019 took place at Club 101, a cannabis club located in a secret location on the South Coast of England. The event, now in its third year, attracted people from all over the UK and beyond to come together for a cannabis cup which has become a recognised name in UK cannabis culture.

There were three categories in this year’s Dead Fox Cup – Indica & Sativa Flowers, Solvent Extract and Solventless Extract.

Growers, breeders and extractors entered whatever they were most proud of, and judges marked each sample objectively based on appearance, smell, taste, effects and how clean the sample was, all without knowing anything but a sample number for each strain consumed.

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

The Dead Fox Cup Event

I had a great time at the cup. The location was perfect, a large open-plan room with good seating and a tuck shop at one end serving UK and US snacks.

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

The session was in full swing by 2 o’clock, and continued well into the night.  Catering was provided by SimplyMoreish in the form of Caribbean curries, including two choices of rice and vegan options.

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

The winners were announced around 18:30 and they got amazing prizes, ranging from Dead Fox Cakes by Space Monkey Medibles to Glass pieces by Dok Glass and so much more.

There was a Sasquatch press at the event and a Run What You Brung rosin competition where entrants submitted a few grams of flower for pressing and that was judged by an elite team of judges in attendance.

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

I was set up on a table at the back of the room with plenty of faces including Martin from Hemp NI and Mara from Absent EU. There were plenty of dabs to be had and some lovely nugs to sample and enjoy. Sonic Seeds showed me some classic genetics, with many of the plants making up the strains being as old as I am.

RoadRunner won the flower category with Footloose (Purple Punch X Disco Biscuit) which we will be reviewing on the channel very soon in extract and flower form. He received a brilliant Dok Glass collab wine glass with cactus decal, a pendant, a cannegar and many other cool prizes.

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

I was given one of these cannagars which will feature on YouTube, this looks like an incredible smoke and I can’t wait to showcase it on the channel (particularly as it is made from my favourite strain – Holy Grail!)

Overall the cup event went very well, and the whole thing seemed well planned out for those in attendance and the entries.

I look forward to next year’s cup and seeing what’s next for the Dead Fox brand!

Judging the Dead Fox Cup

It was a tremendously fun experience judging this year’s Dead Fox Cup. I was asked to judge on the extracts which meant judging two categories, solvent and solventless.

You can read about my time judging the Dead Fox Cup 2018 here.

All but a couple of entries were smashing, with some of the nicest terp profiles and diamond on consistencies I have seen this year. My scores ranged from 28/50 to 46/50 marks total.

Standouts for me were Entry No.5 into the Solventless (Mac Hash Rosin by Chudda Brothers) and Clementine Diamonds & Sauce by Nugbuster4 which was some of the strongest extract in the whole competition. Both of these were winners of their respective categories!

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

Dead Fox Cup 2019, The Dead Fox (Cannabis) Cup 2019, ISMOKE

Dead Fox Cup 2019 Results

On Saturday at the event the scores were tallied up, and the winners were as follows:

Flowers (Indica + Sativa)

Roadrunner – Footloose

Section 6 Productions – Lemon Tree

3rd – Mr Sage & OPAX – Cherry Cookies

Extracts (Solvent)

1st Place – Sky Sports Extracts – Clementine Diamonds

1st Place – Gas Pharms – Runtz

3rd Place – Kenyan Genetics – Super Silver Haze

Extracts (Solventless)

1st Place – MAC Hash Rosin

2nd Place – NE1 Extracts – Ultra Glue

3rd Place – Kenyan Genetics – Wotsits Rosin

Run What You Brung Competition

1st Place – Roadrunner420 – Footloose rosin

2nd Place – Zkittlez Cake 8 – Boobers Farm

3rd Place –  Marmalade – Dank Growing Farms

Catch up with Dead Fox Cup 2018 here

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