Cannabis Extracts by Dead Fox Collective

Dead Fox Collective Cannabis Extract

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Cannabis extracts are becoming ever more popular in the UK, coming in various forms like BHO, Rosin and Distillate

Despite us being behind the US in terms of cannabis legalisation, we still have a vibrant and evolving cannabis community with top class growers, cannabis extracts and suppliers – it just all happens in secret.

For the ISMOKE Channel this week I’m taking a look at three top extracts pressed/extracted by the Dead Fox Collective.

To accompany today’s video feature, here is an overview of the cannabis extracts covered, along with background and further thoughts.

1. Grapefruit Diesel – Kush Family Collective Cut (Rosin)

Cannabis Extracts, Dead Fox Collective Cannabis Extract, ISMOKE
Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Extract

This stable-looking Rosin is probably the most powerful out of the three extracts sampled. The grapefruit diesel taste comes through perfectly, and this one really hits hard.

2. Chemfox (BHO)

Cannabis Extracts, Dead Fox Collective Cannabis Extract, ISMOKE
Chemfox Cannabis Extract

Chemfox is a blend of chemdawg-type strains, extracted with BHO by Chemdank. It retains a gassy flavour from the genetics of the strains that went into it, and it a great tasting extract.

3. Marmalade (Dopefiend Cup Entry) bred by Lady Sativa Genetics (Rosin)

Cannabis Extracts, Dead Fox Collective Cannabis Extract, ISMOKE
Marmalade Cannabis Extract

Marmalade is the Dead Fox Collective’s entry to this year’s Dopefiend Cup. It’s a lovely and sweet-tasting rosin that’s smooth and strong.

All three of these are wonderful examples of extract and I find it difficult to pick between them, but Marmalade has to win as my favourite and I can see why it is their entry into the Dopefiend Cup taking place tomorrow, 9th December.

Dead Fox Collective “Marmalade” Rosin (2017 Dopefiend Cup Entry) and other extracts

Want to watch me trying out these three different cannabis extracts? Check out the video below from our YouTube channel

Cannabis Extracts from the Dead Fox Collective from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

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