A Day in the Life of a Cannabis Cafe Worker

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When 6pm came, it would be time to reflect on the day, and believe me, each day that passed there was more and more reflection to be done. Many of the local shop owners remarked upon how their business was booming, especially the food outlets and tobacconist, which to me indicated that there really was a need for cannabis cafes within our communities and society in general. Not one of our neighbouring shop owners ever complained about us being there.

The local newspaper put out an appeal for shopkeepers to donate to the Worthing Christmas Lights appeal, and they happily accepted our donation. A party for 30 children, mostly the kids of adults who visited Quantum Leaf, was held at a local soft ball park, Father Christmas visited the kids with a great present for each of them, and Quantum Leaf was opened especially for the parents to go and have coffee a smoke and relax for a while, safe in the knowledge that their children were happy and being cared for.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and light, and obviously the bubble had to burst at some time, but none of us knew when this would be. Local soap bar dealers heard about the place, and we received threatening phone calls saying that they were coming to rob us. This didn’t happen, but trust me, there were many, many people who wanted to be involved who had very few scruples or morals, but that’s another story.

Quantum Leaf finally closed its doors on December 25th 2002, but not before it provided Christmas Lunch for many homeless people from the area.  Those were a really busy six months or so for me, but ones that I will never forget. Would I do it again? You bet I would!

This article was written by Sarah Chalk

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