Synergy Extracts DabPro Energise Vape Pen Review

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I recently tried the DabPro pen produced and sold by Synergy Extracts on their website They offer various flavours and terpene blends – the one I’m sampling for this review is called “Energise” and features a naturally-matched terpene blend of the Golden Lemon and Sour Diesel cannabis strains.

The cartridge contains 500mg of CBD distillate (that’s a VERY pure form of extract) with added terpenes, which are used as a solvent achieving the correct viscosity for the extracts in the DapPro pen.

Simpa Carter also joined me for this review, and it was great to get a second opinion on the product while reviewing it!

The DabPro Vaporizer uses a ceramic heating method to deliver excellent vapour production, and breathing in for a very short time results in flavoursome clouds that fill the room with a delicious dab-like scent.

DabPro, Synergy Extracts DabPro Energise Vape Pen Review, ISMOKE

Synergy Extracts don’t use any PG, nicotine or synthetic substances in their device, and the flavour reflects this – it’s a nice blend of cannabis flavours rather than tasting like one particular strain. The strongest notes I get are citrus, along with a nice cannabis-scent that fills the room before dissipating (vapour smell doesn’t hang around that long).

DabPro, Synergy Extracts DabPro Energise Vape Pen Review, ISMOKE

And it really would be difficult to tell this smell apart from regular dabbing, making the DabPro pen a rather fitting name for this device – I haven’t sampled another extract vaporiser that delivers this power/these clouds with such ease.

As well as other strain and terpene blends, Synergy Extracts also offer a neutral terpene solvent which you can use to mix in your own cannabis extracts, meaning you can fill your own cartridges with delicious flavour and THC.

DabPro, Synergy Extracts DabPro Energise Vape Pen Review, ISMOKE

The starter kit retails at £74.95, and that comes with a 500mg cartridge + DapPro battery and charger. You can buy refill cartridges for £54.95 and they also sell the battery separately, although I’d have to recommend it as it beats my other batteries that look similar hands down.

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