Dabbing 101: Alternatives to Quartz

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While the quartz banger has now become the most popular dab nail, it is worth discussing the alternatives. Not least because most of us began our dabbing journeys using one of these!

Let’s take a look at the other options…

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Titanium or “Ti”??Titanium nails are very common and for many people, it is their first dab nail. ??Titanium is a very strong metal with a melting point similar to quartz.

It is generally cheaper and comes in different styles to bangers, namely classic domed or domeless nails.

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“Ti” heats up very quickly and conducts heat well; this makes it great for E-nails and for this it is very popular.

However, in general, dabs from titanium are reported to be less flavourful than from quartz.

In my own experience, I would warn people not to use Titanium nails with a blowtorch, as I have seen with my own eyes a titanium nail used so much that it was beginning to erode. I can only assume that we had been inhaling microparticles of titanium!


Ceramic nails are slightly rarer than titanium or quartz and seem to be falling even further out of fashion as more people turn to quartz.

, Dabbing 101: Alternatives to Quartz, ISMOKE

Similarl to titanium nails, they are relatively cheap and most often in the classic domeless style.

Dabs from a clean ceramic nail can be really smooth and flavourful; the downside is the nail is harder to clean than “Ti” or quartz, and the ceramic may get stained.

, Dabbing 101: Alternatives to Quartz, ISMOKE

Ceramics also hold heat for a long time and can crack from repeated use, two potential hazards to be aware of.

, Dabbing 101: Alternatives to Quartz, ISMOKE

The future of dabbing

The cannabis community is constantly striving to improve the experience of using cannabis. In this endeavour, we’ve come a long way from “hot knives”!

It should be no surprise therefore that we are now seeing the advent of more sophisticated substances and variations in dabbing methods being used: namely, sapphire and silicon carbide (SiC) inserts now available for E-nails as well as ones made from traditional quartz:

These are substances with extremely high resistance to heat and can be cleaned with ease. The flavour is also reported to be a significant improvement on quartz, which in turn is reported to be significantly superior to “Ti” or ceramic.

We look forward to seeing what new ways of dabbing people come up with in the future!

So there we have it.. Happy dabbing people! Choose your weapon, enjoy the flavours and be careful out there!

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