I got my hands on the CVault for the ISMOKE YouTube channel this week. This stainless steel storage container is designed to optimize RH, kicking off the curing process and improving your buds.

Of course this works best for fresh weed, but in my experience a lot of bud in the UK hasn’t been cured, so keeping it in optimal conditions can sometimes improve the quality of your smoke.

Enter the CVault…

This comes in a range of sizes – actually three ranges – the CVault, the CVault Pro and the CVault E.

, CVault – Curing Storage for your flowers, ISMOKE

In the video I took a look at the 1oz CVault (on the right) and the huge 1kg CVault Pro (left), both currently available here on the Ali Bongo Website.

The Cvault has a slot for a Boveda pack inside, and this balances the RH (relative humidity) so your flowers are optimised for curing.

So far I’ve tested this out with two batches of flowers and I have noticed it keeps my buds smelling great, even using it as a regular storage container. I had a bit of an issue with mylar bag storage which over a couple of months degrades the quality of flowers, so this is a welcome addition.

, CVault – Curing Storage for your flowers, ISMOKE

The CVault pro is what I’d recommend to growers or breeders, and it comes with extensive instructions for using the product and optimizing your curing process. It also doesn’t have as strong CVault branding on it, leaving space to put your own label/sticker on.

Overall I think this range is a good set of products and will be using my 1oz CVault – I’d also like to buy one of the 1/4 Oz (small) CVaults for smaller pickups and can envision myself owning a set of these in the not-too-distant future.

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