Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?

The ins and outs of Cannabis Resin

The Truth About Cannabis Smoke: A Study

A study on cannabis smoke and the effectiveness of sploofs

Cannabis: The Infographic

Results of an online study into people and their cannabis use

Stoner Stuff You Didn’t Know: Why Do We Get The Munchies?

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The Dangers of Contaminated Cannabis

I thought that I would try to find out what cannabis is sprayed with, why, when and where it can be contaminated and how this affects me and other consumers across the country. After all, somebody will end up inhaling it – it’s not just gonna going up in smoke all by itself. The worrying situation in the UK today is that with continued prohibition there is no way to stop adulterated cannabis reaching millions of smokers every day..

Peter Tosh

R.I.P. Peter Tosh on the 25th Anniversary of his death

Emperor of Hemp

The Jack Herer Story (1999)

How to Be a Top Secret Stoner

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Get Higher With Mangos

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Cannabis Prohibition: A British History

With the masses of American documentaries on Cannabis history it is a lot easier to learn the story of cannabis and the history of its prohibition in the US than it is here in the UK.  But crucial to the fight is the knowledge on how cannabis prohibition came into effect in Britain.