THC Lean Cannabis Syrup

Have You ever tried Cannabis Syrup? Did you know you can consume your cannabis in liquid form? Today we want to talk about THC Lean, the drink everybody is talking...

New Cannabis Terpene Hashishene Discovered

The world of cannabis has just expanded slightly, with the discovery of a new terpene Hashishene, which gives high-grade Moroccan Hash that distinct taste and aroma. A study was...

5 Cannabis Facts You May Not Know 02

We have just uploaded a new Cannabis facts video on the ISMOKE Media Youtube channel Click above to watch the video, and for a full text write-up of...

ISMOKE Youtube Channel: Your Source for Cannabis Facts and More!

Today we want to let you know about the ISMOKE Youtube Channel, your new source of cannabis videos and info. You may have noticed a new banner on the...

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

You are probably familiar with cannabinoids like THC and CBD - but do you know about Cannabis Terpenes? Terpenes are chemicals found in cannabis that not only give...

A Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

"Concentrates" is a catchall term for any form of concentrated marijuana/cannabis product. There are many types of cannabis concentrates and therefore, many methods to create them. The first...

What is Rosin Oil and How is It Made?

We’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Rosin Oil, a form of Cannabis extract. This oil is growing massively in popularity, and for good...

The History of Cannabis

Modern evidence indicates that Cannabis could very well be one of humanity’s oldest cultivated crops: but who were the first people to exploit its psychoactive and medicinal properties?

7 Cannabis Terms and Their Meanings

We bring you the low-down on seven cannabis terms. Knowledge is power.

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?

The ins and outs of Cannabis Resin

The Truth About Cannabis Smoke: A Study

A study on cannabis smoke and the effectiveness of sploofs

Cannabis: The Infographic

Results of an online study into people and their cannabis use

Stoner Stuff You Didn’t Know: Why Do We Get The Munchies?

Impress your buddies with some stoner science...

The Dangers of Contaminated Cannabis

I thought that I would try to find out what cannabis is sprayed with, why, when and where it can be contaminated and how this affects me and other consumers across the country. After all, somebody will end up inhaling it – it’s not just gonna going up in smoke all by itself. The worrying situation in the UK today is that with continued prohibition there is no way to stop adulterated cannabis reaching millions of smokers every day..

Peter Tosh

R.I.P. Peter Tosh on the 25th Anniversary of his death