My Long Term Relationship With Cannabis

I’m sure if you ask any stoner about the first time they experienced cannabis they will be able to tell you an anecdote; either culminating in them not getting stoned, or having a whale of a time.  For me it was the latter.  But before I get into that, I would like to go back even further, to the first time I saw some ground up green stuff but was far too afraid to try it.

So is that why they call it Indica?

Whilst in the West cannabis is a much maligned and demonised plant, for those who share my cultural background it has largely been regarded as benign or beneficial, and even a sacred plant for over 4,000 years.

How To Make an Apple Bong

Looking for a new way to smoke? Got 5-10 minutes on your hands? Fancy a bit of creativity? Why not make your own (edible) bong out of an apple?

Why I Chose to Stop Smoking and Began Eating Cannabis

After my 32 years of smoking spliffs and cigarettes (when younger, bongs, chillums, pipes, hot knives, you name it ) I finally gave up smoking everything in 2011. However, I loved my weed far too much to stop taking it so I moved over to only cooking and eating it.

The Marketing of Cannabis Part 2: Bad Science

In the last article for ISMOKE Magazine, we took a belligerent look at the political and media marketing of conceptualised cannabis. With feedback a plenty from the article, we shall delve into the realms of Doctor Frankenstein’s lab for a summary of scientific anomalies.

Seeds and Basic Breeding

If you want to continue growing a strain that you enjoy, cloning is your best option. You could also continue the strain by breeding two plants to produce seeds...

The Dutch Government’s Policy on Cannabis

The recent changes in the Dutch drug policy have raised many questions within Netherlands, but also abroad. The Netherlands has been considered to be the Mecca for...

The Marketing of Cannabis

One word gives free license to hypocrisy - marketing. Marketing covers all evils, and the antipode, marketing also can suggest and impart evils. In society, a free market has been giving to alcohol. Until recently, tobacco also had a free reign on what it was allowed to do.

Cannabis Prohibition: A British History

With the masses of American documentaries on Cannabis history it is a lot easier to learn the story of cannabis and the history of its prohibition in the US than it is here in the UK.  But crucial to the fight is the knowledge on how cannabis prohibition came into effect in Britain.

What if Cannabis Was Legalised in the UK?

Before even considering this, I feel it is essential to point out that it is not cannabis itself that is illegal – it is the possession, cultivation (production) and supply without a license, that is banned. The law is against the people that wish to use the plant to their benefit.