Seth Rogen Is Your Stoner OS Boyfriend in ‘Him’ (Parody)

A Stoner parody featuring of new film "Her" featuring Seth Rogen.

The Remedy – Inhale Exhale

Inhale Exhale is a cannabis inspired UK Hip Hop track by The Remedy, Mason Hillier.

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis Resin?

The ins and outs of Cannabis Resin

The Ways We Enjoy Cannabis

From eating to smoking, people like to use cannabis in a variety of ways

The Truth About Cannabis Smoke: A Study

A study on cannabis smoke and the effectiveness of sploofs

Cannabis: The Infographic

Results of an online study into people and their cannabis use

Making a DIY Sploof To Eliminate The Smell of Cannabis Smoke

All stoners will be familiar with the old towel against the door routine. ISMOKE investigates Sploofs - home-made devices to help eliminate cannabis smoke odor

What Strains Pack The Most THC? 5 of The Strongest Cannabis Strains Known To...

As cannabis seed breeders develop improved techniques and push the limits of their abilities, we enter a golden age where THC-levels in excess of 15% have become the norm: enter the outer limits and find out what seeds are making a name for themselves in the heavyweight division!

The Bluntskins – Roll Up

 We love a good cannabis-themed song here at ISMOKE.  This stoner UK Hip hop tune was sent to us today and features The Bluntskins chatting about their...

Stoner Stuff You Didn’t Know: Why Do We Get The Munchies?

Impress your buddies with some stoner science...

Top Funny Cannabis Memes

Stoner memes to make you laugh

Cannabis Vs. Alcohol: Socioeconomic Effects

Many people argue that cannabis should be legalised. One main argument is that cannabis use is much less destructive to society than the use of alcohol. This article looks at the socioeconomic effects of alcohol use versus the socioeconomic effects of cannabis use.

Stoner Picture of the Month – August

This bud shot takes the crown as August's stoner picture of the month.

TROG – Stoner Art

TROG is an artist who creates warped, deep cartoony art that quite simply blow the mind.

Cheech and Chong hit Smartphones with this New FREE Stoner App for IOS and...

ISMOKE Checks out 'The Fatty' - The new Free stoner app for ios and android featuring stoner legends Cheech and Chong!