Here’s What You Should Know About Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Do You know about Barcelona Cannabis Clubs and how they operate? Perception of cannabis worldwide is currently undergoing a massive shift. There are just too many good stories...

An Interview with Stormin MC

Few people can lift a crowd the way Stormin can. One of the most distinctive voices in grime and DnB, he is a masterful solo MC and was...

ISMOKE Interviews Jeff Ditchfield – Bud Buddies

Jeff Ditchfield is a cannabis caregiver and activist. He set up Bud Buddies UK in 2001 to give access to medicinal cannabis for seriously ill people across the...

ISMOKE Interviews Remedy: Barcelona Cannabis Club

Cannabis social clubs are an important part of the legalisation movement here in the UK as they enable cannabis users to organise themselves, network and meet in...
ISMOKE Meets Lee Harris

ISMOKE Meets Lee Harris Owner of London’s Oldest Head Shop

On Friday we went to meet Lee Harris who runs Alchemy on Portobello Road - London's Oldest Head Shop - which has been in operation for 45...
Leeds Cannabis Social Club

ISMOKE Interviews Leeds Cannabis Social Club

We first met Leeds Cannabis Social Club at Product Earth 2016 and since then have remained in contact, keeping up to date with their events and plans...

ISMOKE Interviews: Howard Marks

An exclusive interview with stoner legend Howard Marks.
London Grow Gang

ISMOKE Interviews London Grow Gang

London Grow Gang is a Cannabis horticulturist who we had the pleasure of meeting recently at a Cannabis Social event in London. He’s a passionate grower, ensuring upmost...

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? A Tribute to Len Richmond

We are pleased to welcome the one and only Len Richmond! Len is responsible for ‘Agony’ one of England’s most successful sitcoms, as well as “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer,” a documentary that is extremely important to the cannabis campaign.

ISMOKE Interviews: Watermelon Girl

ISMOKE magazine caught up with one of the most notable and prolific figures of the pot scene. With worldwide notoriety, Watermelon Girl has graced the covers of some of the biggest publications in pot culture and beyond. She has a résumé that is unique. ISMOKE wanted to know more about this freedom fighter come pin-up girl.

ISMOKE Interviews Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs Movement

A few years ago when we were releasing a monthly magazine Greg de Hoedt, (also known as Cure UK back then) wrote regular features for ISMOKE and formed...

An Interview With A Cannabis Dealer

Exactly what it says on the tin.

An interview with Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community

Over the past few months we have been putting together a brand new series designed to give you an insight into some of the activists working towards...

ISMOKE Interviews The Green Chef

This week we sat down with The Green Chef (also known as Indulgently Green UK), our newest writer and edibles creator, to discuss cooking with cannabis. In the...

ISMOKE Interviews: Elro Raps

This month, ISMOKE spoke to Ian Llewellyn-Rowe, also known as Elro Raps who has been getting some well-deserved attention in the music industry recently with his witty, funny rhymes - collaborating with the likes of Ed Sheeran and JME