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Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review

Here is our Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review. This is a new cannabis oil product on the market, and the first to be stocked by a mainstream retailer here in the UK. In the latest ISMOKE CBD oil review we

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Mojito CBD Extract Review

This week I took a look at the Mojito-flavoured CBD extracts by The Goods CBD. Taking a different approach to naming and attempting to flavour everything after weed strains, this extract from

high end Lean cannabis syrup

What is THC Lean Cannabis Syrup?

THC Lean, or cannabis syrup as it is also known is a cannabinoid-infused liquid made with soluble THC to create a product which consumers can drink rather than smoke or vape and


Dopefiend Cup 2018

The Dopefiend Cup was a cannabis cup which took place in the UK in October 2018. The cup was made up of three categories: Growers, Extractors and Breeders. I was asked to

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