Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Crushed Berries is a cross of Strawberry Crusha X Mother of Berries. Bred by UK breeder Buddoctor, this strain was grown in the South of England by Kent Valley Farms


A couple of years ago in June 2017 I covered the Strawberry Crusha on the channel, and I have also reviewed Mother of Berries and Purple MOAB previously. Of course, I was excited to try this cross, having enjoyed both of the parent strains!


, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The nugs of crushed berries are well-developed with lighter greens and even lighter patches. The leaves that remain are dark and look as if they’ve been wrapped around.

I like the density and appearance of this one – the bud formation looks more like an indica dominant strain.


, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The complex notes of Crushed Berry encompass a few things – woody earthy notes give way to blueberry and strawberry as the bud is ground.

There is also a slight skunky pungency – but mainly that wood-inspired earthy, organic smell. One of the parent strains Mother of Berries also has a sort of coffee-inspired smell and this smells a bit similar sometimes – the smell is rich and complex and the notes develop the longer I inhale.


, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKESmoking this strain is a wonderful experience – the sample has been grown well and likely cured, and the berry notes come through with zero cough through my bong.

Vaping this in the mighty produces lovely flavour – blueberry comes through (like in the mataro blue/blue dream) strains and the vapor is cool and smooth.  It is like blueberry + more berries.

This strain also burns well in a pure joint with clean ash and a good flavour representation – it has that sweet, fruity, woody, earthy flavour with this consumption method as well.

, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This is an indica strain. It kicked in and mellowed me out relatively quickly leaving me relaxed.

The Crushed Berries gives me a happy body stone leaning towards full relaxation and a pleasant body feel after smoking it, so it may be good for pain.

It is reasonably strong, but not couch-locking, and I feel as though I could smoke this in the day as well as during the evening.


, Crushed Berries Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This is a very nice strain, and on top of that the review sample has been grown really well by Kent Valley Farms.

Everything was tight and tidy except for the trim which could have got rid of a few more leaves for the ultimate presentation, but that was not a big deal and didn’t affect the smoke quality.

Good marks from me on this one.

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